Accidental Nuances (2007)

Boo! (2018)  [in collaboration with WCC’s Bailey Library]

Breaking & Mending (2015)

Can’t Keep Quiet (2019)  [in collaboration with WCC’s Bailey Library]

Folk Art for the Far Gone (2012)

The Future (2017)

Green (2014)

Honk If You Love Weirdos (2015)

Ideation Scroll (2009)

The Journey (2018)  [in collaboration with WCC’s Bailey Library]

Let It Be… Spring (2015)

Love & Other Unnatural Disasters (2013) 

Mystery of Love, History of Hope (2010)

The Naked and the Clothed (2008)

Paradigm Shift (2016)  [in collaboration with WCC’s Out-Space]

Poets at the Crossroads (2007)

Political World (2016)

Recovery (2010)

Telling Stories (2013)

Urban Trees (2017)  [in collaboration with WCC’s Sustainability Literacy Task Force]

Words for the Earth (2010)

Words with Music (2011)



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