“Making Herstory” Post #20: “A Soft China Blue”


A Soft China Blue

she didn’t want to see her dead baby
it’s why she stared at her hands

and I realized,
just this moment,
there were two dead babies behind me then,
not just one

coagulated and still

they were right there,
yet she chose to ignore hers,
so she had to disappear

I swept them behind me
to wait for the explosion—

the heat of it blasted me,
his red face burning my skin

two dead babies
played with their toes
—smiling silently—

it enraged him,
he threatened to take them to the garbage
they laughed,
they were already there

just then
her skin turned a soft china blue,
I could tell she wished to join them

she thought it was her fault
—it wasn’t—
babies die sometimes
when no one is paying attention


Julie Mariouw writes, “I teach online writing workshops through Wellspring Writing Workshops. I focus on helping writers connect with their subconscious minds so that they can locate and develop their authentic voices. I am fascinated by the healing power of creative writing and the role of the physical body in writing.”

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