Poetry Club Meeting, Friday, Apr 5, at 5 pm

Hello Poets!

We will be having a Poetry Club meeting today, Friday, April 5, at 5 pm, in the Writing Center. Hope you can make it.

Also, our friend and colleague Maryam Barrie is organizing something good that we should be involved in. See the email below that she sent to the English Dept.

Best, Tom

Please let your students know that submissions are open for Sustainability themed poetry (Climate Change, Environmental Concerns). I’ll be accepting poems and other short pieces of writing through the end of the day Thursday, April 11. Please send me your work, and feel free to share my email with students so they can send me work directly mbarrie@wccnet.edu . – A small booklet of submissions will be available at the Poetry Sustains event on April 18th.
The poetry event will take place on April 18th, from 11am – 12:20pm on the library’s first floor. Sustainable and local treats will be on hand along with plenty of poems for volunteers to read during the event, which is called Poetry Sustains. I hope (you and ) your students will consider sending me their work by April 11th, and hope that you and your students will consider attending this event.